IMPACT Women’s Ministry

Christian Growth Through One-On-One Mentoring

Have you ever considered being mentored?

Do you long to live a Christ-centered life?  How many times have you wished for a discerning friend to talk to and gain some wisdom from her life experiences?  Would you love encouragement to live out God’s Word as you make everyday decisions and choices?  Then sign up to become a DBC Mentee.

Have you ever considered becoming a mentor?

Are you willing to share your life experiences to impact a younger woman’s spiritual growth?  Can you spare some time and energy to help her overcome ungodly worldly influences?   Are you open to the challenge and joy of having your life impacted by giving biblical guidance to another woman?  Then sign up to become a DBC Mentor.

IMPACT is a women’s mentoring ministry of Denton Bible Church.  Its purpose is to bring a mature woman of faith together with a younger Christian woman, or non-believer, to provide authentic, real-life wisdom and gospel-centered encouragement.  God’s purpose and design for each of us within the body of Christ is clear.  We are called to touch each other’s lives and build one another up in faith (Titus 2:3-5).  Through prayer, the IMPACT ministry helps bring these relationships together.

Today you can choose to IMPACT a young woman’s eternity as well as her everyday life by becoming a mentor, a trusted counselor and guide.  Or, you can make a decision to be mentored and benefit from the loving friendship of a more mature Christian woman of faith who desires to have a significant influence on your life.

A Discipleship & Mentoring Ministry

Founded on the scriptures of Titus 2:3-5 and 2Timothy 2:2, the IMPACT Discipleship and Mentoring ministry provides an opportunity for women to honor God’s Word by building lasting friendships. It is designed to bring two women together in a one-on-one relationship where they learn more about God, His Word and how to honor Him in today’s world. All women who regularly attend Denton Bible Church are welcome to participate.

Where Do I Begin?

  1. First, pray. Pray for the woman God will use to impact your life.
  2. Next, complete the profile form  (either by mail or online)
  • if by mail- download the pdf form and send it to Cathie Hanna, 1414 Corinth Bend, Corinth, TX 76208
  • if submitting online- use our online form found here.

If you have any questions or need more information contact:  Cathie Hanna // 972.841.5298 //

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