July 2016 Newsletter


Numbers 13 is the story of twelve men going on a mission trip to survey the land God had promised to give them. They were looking to see what the land was like, what kind of people dwelt there (strong or weak, many or few), and how their cities were fortified. The most important thing God told them before leaving on the trip was Numbers 13:1 “I am giving the people the land of Canaan”.

This is the promise of GOD. The responsibility of the spy was to describe the land they were being given. Forty days later they returned with the report. It was a prosperous land, the people in the land were strong and they dwelt in large fortified cities.

All was well until they forgot the promise of God and leaned on their own understanding, which led them to make a fatal decision based on sight. The self-confidence of the people faltered and they rebelled against God. They forgot the gift was based on the integrity of God’s word.

Two men, Joshua and Caleb, tried to quiet the fear of the people by reminding them of God’s promise and presence. Joshua and Caleb saw the same thing the other ten saw but their conviction was that God was good for His word. They were outnumbered and out voted but 40 years later as men in their 80’s both men were vigorous and of sound mind and ready to take hold of the promised land. Joshua 14:7-12 God has not changed since the event of this story.

His promises are backed by the truth and the integrity of His word. Do we want to be like a Joshua or a Caleb in our day?
I asked myself four questions:

  •  Do I know the word of God and His promises?
  •  Do I believe His word based on the integrity of His character?
  •  Can I wait for Him to provide the promise?
  •  Will I stand strong not wavering until it is fulfilled?

These simple questions help me make the daily decisions that will set the direction of my life — obedience to God and His word or disobedience. I would encourage you to consider the same questions so that together we can stand on the promises of God.

Blessing and Love, Ann

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