Prayer Chain





Prayer Chain Ministry Guidelines:

A. If you have a prayer request please submit your requests to

B. Prayer requests are submitted each Tuesday and Friday of every week. The requests are to be submitted before Monday and Thursday evenings.  Prayers received on Tuesdays will be prayed for consistently for one week until the following Tuesday’s requests are received. The same will be for Friday’s requests.

C. When making requests please check with any person outside your immediate family before using their name on the Prayer Chain as a subject of a prayer request. Anonymous prayers are always welcome.

D. Be discreet with any information that is sensitive, and please limit your information to approx. 2 lines of information or no more than 50 words. Please simplify.

E. Answers to prayers are eagerly awaited and we would appreciate knowing about them as soon as possible.

What is a Covenant Letter?

The Covenant Letter is a promise signed by those who want to take an active part in praying for the needs of the many requests of Denton Bible Church. It is a commitment to pray for at least a six month period of time. Each February and each September you are asked through email if you are willing to continue as a participant of the Prayer Chain, for another 6 month period. At that time you may choose to stay on or drop off. We do understand however if a person must drop off at any time in between. We only ask that you notify us of your decision as soon as possible.

Prayer Chain Ministry Covenant:

*God willing, I agree to participate in this Prayer Ministry for the next 6 months.

*Pray consistently for one week for that week’s prayer requests.

*Fulfill my obligation of reading all Prayer Chain correspondence that I receive.

*Agree to contact the Prayer Chain Coordinator ( if I am unable at any time to continue to fulfill this covenant.

*Keep confidential any personal matters shared by others in this ministry.

*Pray at least weekly for my pastor, elders, and my church.

*Be patient with my Christian brothers and sisters and my church as God works in us all to make us what He wants us to be.

Your Covenant:

I ___________________________ (name)  Covenant with my Prayer Ministry to do as I have read according to the Guidelines and Covenant.

Date: __________________

Address:_________________________  City _____________State___________Zip ______________

Telephone or cell # _________________

(Copy and paste this information and forward to email:   In the Subject line of your email put New Prayer Chain Member).